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Housekeeping Service

We offer our housekeeping services to various clients. We ensure that proper cleaning is done in the premises. Cleaning involves moping, drying, dusting of the furniture, cleaning of the window panes, door panel, etc, vacuum cleaning/ sweeping and moping of all floor daily/ as and when required during the day and removal of garbage/ removal of cobwebs/ cleaning dustbins.

Specializing as a manpower supplier, we also cater to a number of clients in KOLKATA regions. Through our manpower consultancy for hospital, we provide suitable staff for various housekeeping and other work. We are also liable for all the administration and operation responsibilities on the manpower employed on the premises by us.

A Complete Housekeeping Service

Through our manpower supplying services, we also meet the requirement of various hospitals by providing them with suitable staff for hospital bed boy services. Hardworking and reliable, these staff members are trained to carry their jobs properly. We also assure the clients of reliable staff and take responsibility of the manpower employed on the premises by us.

Catering to various industries, we provide our manpower to various companies. The staffs referred or provided by us are trustworthy and have a clean record of working at various reputed firms. Experienced and well behaved, these staff assure proper discipline within the premises. We provide our industrial manpower consultancy services to our clients in various industries like electronics, electrical and various other industries.

Why Choose Us

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